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February 1, 2016 - American Press Office Opens, "It's Time To Go National"



The American Press Office provides public relations and a variety of media services to clients across the United States. Follow us on Twitter for notifications on new press releases, or sign-up to be added to the e-mail distribution list.

Public Relations

Providing a consistent, solid, public relations effort is key. When dealing with the press, securing interviews, and public appearances, you'll need professional representation to keep on message and moving forward. Lots of people will be working to defeat you! A proactive public relations campaign is the best move you can make to minimize their efforts, and maximize yours. To begin a complete public relations assessment click here!

Crisis Management

You never need it, until you need it. When your image is in jeapordy, professional and experienced crisis management is essential to your protection. Be prepared with a plan before the crisis hits so you can stay on message. Develop your plan today and be ready before the crisis begins.

Speech Writing

You get one chance in front of a group to make an impression. You know what you want to say, just not exactly how to say it. The difficult part is how this group will hear you, what will they understand, and what value will they give it. There is a reason the best speakers use speech writers, they make a substantial difference in results. Start your speech here and people will hear the difference.

Media Production

Press releases, professional photography, printing, websites, audio, video, social media, we can produce everything you need to communicate to the people you're trying to reach. Every brand is different, everything we do is custom to you. That is the best way to stand out in a competitive market.

Legal Uses
Press releases, images, audio, video, and any other material provided is specifically for use by legitimate news organizations and must include visible credit. Any other use is strictly forbidden without a written contract and payment of a $1 million licensing fee.